Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Character Face" Mural Graffiti Graphic Design Art


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"Character Face" Mural Graffiti Graphic Design Art

Paint or draw graffiti (Graffiti Graphic Design) on the wall by most people is often referred to as Graffiti Murals. But most of the media to draw a lot done on the wall with the design and style of different or a combination of 2 or more styles. Take the example of the style Wildstyle, that's a style that is currently popular even more popular than bubble style that has come before. Two design styles can be combined with a very harmonious if the effects and colors used match each other, even when combined with a character design with a smiling face, anger, joy or other facial characteristics. That probably will be a force on graffiti art. If you want to be a great graffiti artist then you must dare to make a difference and create something new.

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